Bins R Done skip bin delivery zones map (Hobart to Sorrell)



ORDER FORM IS NOT AN ENQUIRY FORM!  If order form is filled out,  Your order will be invoiced, loaded and delivered.
 If Driver turns up at the address and you make a last minute cancelation or the bin can not be dropped off at location, it will incur a $90 transport fee.

All Bin sizes and prices are for a 3 day hire period, If needed any longer 2m, 3m, & 4m, have a $10 per extra day charge. And our 6m has a $15 per extra day charge. this is applied up until 14 days from the hire period. Any longer will need to be a rehire fee…unless negotiated on order.
Extensions MUST be made on order or 1st day of hire to guarantee availability. Please ring if after this period as it may still be available, if not available we can still supply a 3 cubic skip bin bag at a discounted price of $40 on pickup of hard skip bin. (pickup price of skip bag will still apply, when date booked in for pickup).
(Any excess weight over the promotional included weight, will be billed to to you buy invoice and we will supply you a copy of weigh bridge docket)
Bins must not be over loaded past the top of Bins.
Clean fill and concrete loads can only be ordered and placed in a 3m3 Bin to the height markers inside the bins. (A $100 charge is applied)
Additional chargers apply for zones outside of the Hobart region, you will either be notified about this when ordering the Skip Bin or it will be notified on the invoice before payment.
Bins R Done hold the right to change promotional charges or customer specific charges at any time found necessary.
Zone 1 Areas
First inner circle: Have no charge and are included in price.
Zone 2 Areas
Second inner circle: $30
Zone 3 Areas
Outer circle: $50
Zone 4 Areas
Outside off the circles: will need to be negotiated on order.
Conditions of Use

The Customer agrees to comply with these Conditions of Use in relation to the hire of the Skip Bin. These Conditions of Use apply to the hire of any Skip Bin by a Customer from Bins R Done, whether the order is placed by phone or online.
Supply of Skip Bin

Bins R Done agrees to supply a Skip Bin to the Customer on the dates agreed between the Customer and Bins R Done and at the rates set out on the Bins R Done website.Bins R Done hold the right to change price charges found on any promotional pamphlets at any time found necessary after time of printing.
Use of a Skip Bin

The Customer agrees to:
  1. obtain any necessary authorisation or approval required for the placement of the Skip Bin on their property;
  2. ensure adequate access is provided to their property for drop off and pick up of the Skip Bin; if access is narrow and truck mirrors need to be adjusted to fit truck in driveway any damage caused to property is at risk of the owner/occupiers/ or name on invoice.
  3. pay Bins R Done at rates advertised by Bins R Done for the use of the Skip Bin including any extra costs which occur as a result of any damage to the Skip Bin (all costs are listed on the Bins R Done website);
  4. comply with any weight limits advised on the Bins R Done website in relation to use of the particular Skip Bin that is being hired;
  5. not do anything or cause anything to be done which damages the Skip Bin;
  6. not use the Skip Bin to dispose of any material which would be classified as a Hazardous Waste or any material that is or contains any form of asbestos; and
  7. notify Bins R Done prior to use of the Skip Bin if they are unsure or concerned that they have Hazardous Waste or any asbestos material that they wish to dispose of in the Skip Bin.


The Customer indemnifies Bins R Done against all liability and loss incurred by Bins R Done arising from any failure by the Customer to comply with its obligations under clause 3, but such indemnity will be reduced proportionately to the extent that the relevant failure was caused by Bins R Done.  

Bins R Done means the business operated by Brenton Gourlay (ABN 42 868 047 433) and includes any employees, agents or contractors of the business.
Customer means any person who places an order for a Skip Bin from Bins R Done whether the order is placed by phone or online.
Hazardous Waste means any of the following materials:
  1. Hazardous Chemical as defined in the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 (Tas);
  2. arsenic and/or cyanide;
  3. acids or alkaline materials;
  4. tyres, paint or batteries; or
  5. flammable material derived from grease, coal, tar, petroleum, oil or shale;
  6. any water soluble toxic compound of heavy metals including barium, boron, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, selenium or zinc;
  7. waste which may be either by itself or in combination with other materials be infectious, explosive, poisonous, toxic or otherwise dangerous or injurious to human, animal or plant life;
  8. sewerage sludge (whether mixed with water or not) that contains suspended or settleable solids that have not decomposed or have only partially decomposed or septic waste;
  9. any controlled waste within the meaning of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Waste Management) Regulations 2000 (Tas); or
  10. any other waste or refuse which Bins R Done notifies the customer in writing is a Hazardous Waste.
Skip Bin means any skip bin and associated waste removal equipment provided by Bins R Done to the Custome2